1. How do I get these images?

The images are for sale. There are various pricing options or plan to meet your needs. Images on Foto are sold on demand and priced according to sizes starting from NGN1000 / $6 / £4

See Pricing for more information.
If you want original TIFF format of any image, please get in contact with us. T: 0700 6000 6000 E:hello@foto.com.ng

2. How do I pay for bulk images?

Depending on your request, Foto gives you purchase discount of up to ₦ 222 / $1.3 / £0.9 per image when subscribed to our monthly plans.

3. How do I become a contributing photographer?

Becoming a contributing photographer means you wish to provide great stock images for sale on Foto and earn. Foto collects amazing images ranging over several categories from people, places and nature. Images typically are expected to be of great quality, already edited before it is approved. If this interest you, sign up as a photographer and get in touch with us on hello@foto.com.ng

4. I want an exclusive image. Can you help?

Yes, we can. We can always give you exclusivity on any image on Foto. For more on this, please do get in touch on hello@foto.com.ng or call 0700 6000 6000 on the image you wish to have exclusively.

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